How We Operate

We don’t fundraise. We don’t take salaries. We don’t do mission trips. And we try to send as close to 100% of the donations overseas as possible.


Our Philosophy of Ministry

Why We Don't Take Salaries or Do Missions Trips

​God has called us, as a North American ministry, to be different. To volunteer our time and gifts. To not spend resources on anything that could be construed as personal or self-rewarding but to invest every dollar and every prayer selflessly into people most of us will never in fact meet, simply because we believe in them. And so, we love radically.

We love without getting anything in return.

The only trips we do are those for accountability — members of our governing leadership will visit each country to confirm funds are indeed being spent the way they were intended, and to pray in the same room as our dearly beloved brothers and sisters.

But otherwise we volunteer our time in the margins of our day, on the other side of the ocean, for the sake of seeing these communities rise up out of the ashes through God’s strength, for His glory alone.

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This article at Desiring God, written by The Lulu Tree President, best addresses the Hard Question of Missions and why we serve the way we do.

They had a word for us — “mzungu” — which they call every foreigner, and it means “someone who wanders around without purpose.”

How many of us go on short-term missions trips and do just this? Wander around thinking we’re accomplishing something but actually having no purpose? And in fact, causing more harm by going than if we’d never gone?

In spite of our good intentions, it feels like we are looking at a post-card instead of regular, everyday people whose lives deserved more dignity than a photo can offer…

And it made me wonder, is there a better way? Or a more honest way, at least? I think one of the most harmful things we can do as a church is to not be transparent with our motives or our intentions. We have such ideals for ourselves that this often closes us off to the truth about who we are, and the needs of others. If we were to truly ask God to give us the mind of Christ, and then entered another person’s country seeing through God’s eyes instead of through Western ones, perhaps short-term missions trips could be redeemed? And used not only to inspire long-term global efforts, but long-term change within our own hearts?

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The Lulu Tree seeks to leave as little a foreign footprint as possible. Those of us who serve the ministry from afar focus on equipping leaders of local churches and their pre-existing ministries.

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By principle, The Lulu Tree does not operate as a foreign NGO in each country, but rather, partners with leaders of local churches who are committed to preventing tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s families.

Our belief is that indigenous leaders possess an understanding of the culture and environment which is essential to success in each nation. When we believe we are being called into a new country, The Lulu Tree board spends at least 40 days fasting and praying for clarity on the call. When we are in agreement that the Spirit is saying to go, Lulu often commissions local leaders from neighboring countries to find the person God has prepared for us.

These leaders depend entirely upon the Holy Spirit to reveal a godly person from said country — one who is transparent in his theology and financial stewardship — and God has been consistently faithful, working in a variety of unmistakable ways, to direct our teams to the person He has chosen.

After vision casting and prayer, if there is unity between our commissioned team and the new leader, The Lulu Tree then partners with this individual to bring sustainable projects and leadership training to communities and churches on the ground.

The Lulu Tree works in partnership with local leaders as they seek to fulfill the Great Commission.

In Him we live and move and have our being. (Acts 17:28)


The Lulu Tree is a not-for-profit corporation with a 501(c)(3) charity status. Our dedication to outstanding stewardship stems from our commitment to sacrificial love.

The Lulu western team desires to be nothing but transparent about the funds we receive. We desire for 100% of all donations to go where they’re intended. Admin fees are a reality, but when possible, we cover those ourselves. However we’ve also recently hired a financial administrator who helps us to maintain excellence at every level as we expand to multiple countries around the globe.

Additionally, we do not fundraise, but rather, we go to our Heavenly Father in secret, through prayer and fasting, and trust Him to move hearts to give. This way God gets all the glory.

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“Only God can make a tree.”

~ Catherine Doherty


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